Steca Coolcept StecaGrid 3600

Steca Coolcept StecaGrid 3600

The high efficiency results in a peak efficiency of 98.6 %, which results in less lost power that must be dissipated into the environment.

This improves your yields. IN addition to this, a new and unique cooling concept inside the inverter ensures an even distribution of the dissipated heat and a long service life for the device. The StecaGrid has a graphical LCD display for visualizing the energy yield values, current performance and operating parameters of the system. Its innovative menu allows individual selection of the various measurements. The guided, pre-programmed menu allows easy final commissioning of the device.


Product features

  • Highest efficiency
  • Simple installation
  • Integrated data logger
  • Low housing temperature at full load
  • Integrated DC circuit breaker
  • Protective insulation according to protection class II
  • Very long service life
  • Droop Mode for integration in hybrid systems
  • Fixed voltage mode for other energy sources
  • 7-year warranty after registration
  • Optimized shadow management using global MPP tracking


  • Multifunction graphical LCD display with backlighting
  • Animated representation of yield


  • Simple menu-driven operation
  • Multilingual menu navigation


  • Can be connected to a large-format display
  • 120 V variant: StecaGrid 2020 (on request)

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