Our concept

Our Company offer a wide range of solar products covering all three segments of solar market:

PV grid feeding systems,off grid systems and solar thermal systems.

We make a word wide contribution to reducing power consumption and we offer services for residential and industrial systems.

Our consultants offer you a complete engineering study to provide power to your projects and facilities .
We hope in the German Center for Renewable Energy ( GCRE )  to work with you to achieve this outlook for our world.  

Organizational Structure

The company’s departments:

  • Managing Department
  • Consulting, Technical Studies and Research Department
  • Sales Department
  • Marketing & Advertising Department
  • Accounting & Warehouse Department

Our Address :

  • Head Office : Damascus, Alghassany, Telefax: +963 11 444 31 41

Website & Email address

Areas in which the Company operates  

  • Presenting technical studies and consulting necessary engineering plans for renewable energy systems (solar / wind) proportionate with the required needs.
  • Deployment of renewable energy culture through courses and seminars with the latest views.
  • Providing renewable energy products (solar panels / Wind turbines / Charge Controllers / Sine Wave Inverters / batteries) of the most famous German companies.
  • Providing solar heating systems for the best standard specifications and the most famous German companies
  • Providing a wide range of solar light systems for streets, gardens, walls, Corridors & household uses.